No Marijuana

Is the law outdated?

Texas has very strict laws in regards to the sale and possession of marijuana, even though many people are trying to get the state to allow legal use of medical marijuana. Until laws are passed, however, the consequences for marijuana possession remain high.

What's on the books

The Penalties of Marijuana

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Small Quantity Possession

People who are convicted of possessing even a small amount of the herb can expect stiff penalties. Being caught with less than 2 oz. can result in a large fine and a fair amount of jail time. On the extreme end, possessing more than 2,000 pounds can lead to prison time and an extremely large fine.

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Selling is a felony

Being charged with selling or distributing marijuana will make you regret even being in the state of Texas. It is considered to be a felony if a detainee is proven to be selling a quarter ounce or more of the stuff, with a high possibility of jail or prison time, as well as a hefty monetary penalty.

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Compassionate Use

The Texas Compassionate Use Act was passed recently for very limited legal medical marijuana use. It started for the treatment of patients with epilepsy and has provisions for future developments. Refinements of the bill are expected to be passed throughout 2016 but will most likely not expand use.

If You're Caught

Be Prepared to defend yourself

Until more legislation goes into effect for medical marijuana usage, the majority of users will continue to be charged in the same manner as regular marijuana users. If you find yourself in this situation, contact a criminal defense attorney to review your case and see if you qualify for compassionate use or rehabilitation programs.